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Category: Floral

Notes: Neroli, cardamom, black currant, grapefruit, gardenia, frangipani, rose, musk, cedar.

The Bottle: Pure and graceful, with nary a stain on it’s character, as far as I’m concerned. Balanced and elegant, cool and serene. Another victory for the simple, no fuss, Eastern-influenced bottle aesthetic. ****

The Scent: Not in a million years, Sweet Darling. An invasive, rather over powdered floral that leans heavily on the frangipani and gardenia, to the almost total exclusion of the other notes. If one is a lover of bold, bossy florals, I might understand an initial attraction to this – but be warned. The drydown has a synthetic edge to it, and fails to retain the pure (though overwhelming), white floral quality that one perceives at the outset. Frangipani often turns bitter on my own skin, and this one is no exception, causing it to clash with the overly-sweet gardenia and rose. **