Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: green apple, tangerine, bergamot, wild strawberry, peony, ylang-ylang, peach, freesia, jasmine, magnolia, Lily of the Valley, red berries, amber, musk, oakmoss, cedar.

The Bottle: Pink and metallic, not terribly pretty. What was originally an attempt to appear modern and trendy now comes across as dated and dull. The design is awkward and uninteresting, and errs dangerously on the side of clunky. These darlings should stick to denim. 

The Scent: The mistake here was in choosing so many fruits that might potentially be experienced as sour – green apple, tangerine, and wild strawberry are all cut from the same cloth in this sense. The sourness pervades, and leaves one with a lasting desire to pucker the lips, to the bewilderment (or excitement) of those around you. This concoction also includes my old nemesis, ylang-ylang, which seems never to settle well on my skin, turning bitter fairly early on. For my money, this is a bit of a loser, but I don’t perceive it as being nearly as unpleasant on others (For some reason I experience it second hand as a much more floral composition, with only muted fruit notes). Try before buying.