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Category: floral Fruity

Notes: Tea, freesia, blackberry, raspberry, apple blossom, vanilla, hibiscus, honeysuckle, peach, musk, sandalwood, amber.

The Bottle: A Lilac-y gold kitsch nightmare, encircled by a cringe-worthy charm bracelet. A design which attempts to pay homage to the classic flacons of Morocco instead insults them by embodying everything they do not. This is overly ornamented, stubby, cheap and crass. **

The Fragrance: A tolerable berry-vanilla yawn that lasts and lasts. Nothing wrong with it (unless you are seeking depth, complexity or sophistication), nothing remarkable about it. The tea and blackberry make for a decent opener, but soon give way to the all- encompassing sugary quicksand of the vanilla and peach. The base notes stay buried, and by so doing fail to coax any interesting depth into the rather synthetic smelling mixture. Save your money, my Loves,  and buy a berry-scented body mist at the drugstore. **