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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Mango, blood orange, nectarine, lotus, water lily, star apple, raspberry, coconut, sandalwood, musk.

The Bottle: While the shape’s not up to much, I rather like the intricate little floral design, and the way that the bottle appears to glow from within. Not terribly imaginative, but pretty enough to be getting on with. My major quarrel with Escada, however, is not their bottle design, but their continued testing of their products on animals (most other fragrance companies have halted this practice).  ***

The Fragrance: Distinctly tropical and radiating an almost tangible warmth, this fragrance indeed evokes a sunset in the far east. The lotus and water lily add a softly exotic, lightly aquatic note to what is mostly an uncomplicated bouquet of juicy citrus fruits. The coconut is present only after some time has passed, with the mango and blood orange stealing center stage at the outset, and refusing to relinquish it. To me, the raspberry and star apple are imperceptible, but perhaps this is for the best. Any more strong sweet fruit, and this scent would become rather unbalanced. ****