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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Papaya, passionfruit, honeysuckle, tuberose, jasmine absolue, cashmeran, sandalwood, musk.

The Bottle: Someone took a glue stick and glitter to the original Neiges bottle. I’m all for sparkle, but this just looks a bit Eau de Craft Fair. **

The Fragrance: Hardly a fan of the original Neiges, perhaps I did Frisson a disservice when I approached this flanker with bias firmly in place. But then, I HATE papaya. Hate the taste, hate the smell. Also, for some reason, I experienced a bizarre (and absent from the listed notes) banana top note that lasted and lasted. The heart pays predictable homage to the original Neiges (a bit of a clumsy leap from a highly fruity top) with a heavy white floral, where it lingers until the sandalwood begins to drift in. As someone who leads a resolutely papaya-free existence, it’s predictable that this one offends me. Might someone less discerning else like it? Perhaps. Just keep it far from me, if you please. ***