Category: Floral Fruity Gourmand

Notes: Plum, strawberry, ginger, cacao, heliotrope, orchid, amber, musk, patchouli, coffee.

The Bottle: A bold, bossy looking thing that shoots for brassy charm, and succeeds only in being wholly unimpressive. Not sleek, not playful, not saucy and certainly not terribly rebellious.   **

The Fragrance: Hardly a stunner, but to dismiss it as mere celebrity fruit juice would be to miss out on a pleasant, spirited little piece that comes on spicy from the top. The opening sharp ginger and plum make strange bedfellows, but those who bear with them will eventually be introduced to a light, peppery coffee framed by a woody patchouli. These two notes own the scent most of the way through, softening but never subsiding completely. Rebelle plummets from top to base without dwelling much on its heart (the orchid is almost non-existent), and eventually – post spicy coffee – lands squarely in aimless fruity musk territory. Not a bad ride. ***