Category: Oriental Vanilla

Notes: Mandarin orange, star anise, licorice, jasmine, gardenia, amber, vanilla, woodsy blend.

The Bottle: An interesting spin on a rather tired design (Let’s lie the heart on its SIDE!), but purple gets me every time. ***

The Fragrance: A suspicious (and lingering) resemblance to the original Lolita Lempicka immediately raised my eyebrows (the star anise, vanilla and licorice combo being the culprit), and frankly soured me on the whole experience. It’s not that I hate Lolita – it’s that I love her so far past the point that most people would consider reasonable, I’m ready to make her my child bride. This being the case, all other similar scents seem but a pale imitation, the fragrant equivalent of abandoning the love of your life for his sickly, timid cousin. Loverdose draws you in with beckoning warmth and an almost creamy, almondy base. But no sooner has it delivered its welcoming caress than it evaporates, leaving behind only a distant suspicion of amber and wood. Its been done, my loves, and done better. ***