Category: Floral woody musk

Notes: pear, tea leaf, lemon, jasmine, african orange flower, honeysuckle, musk, sandalwood, honey.

The Bottle: A bit odd, but full marks for the effect of a lacy slip with just a little scandal and fire poking out underneath. It may be a little plasticky, but the peek-a-boo playfulness of it wins me over. ****

The Fragrance: An interesting concept, this one was supposedly created as a tribute to the ballsy southern O’Hara who shares its name. And fair enough – sweet southern honeysuckle and just a hint of delicate tea bring some refinement to the top pear note. I see the corsets and lace. But where are the fire and fiddlesticks and not-giving-of-damns? The second (some would say more characteristic) part of this heroine’s personality is her stubbornness and flaring temper, neither of which are effectively conveyed to us by Scarlett. There is no jarring presence here, nothing to wake us up and make us feel as though we’ve been slapped by a Southern belle in a rage. I hoped for a hint of mint julep or brandy, or at the very least a spicy and unapologetic floral presence somewhere in the mix. It’s alright, really, but requires a little less charm and a whole lot more sass. ****