Category: Chypre Fruity

Notes: Mandarin, pear, green blend, orchid, toffee, patchouli

The Bottle: A pin-less grenade, for some reason. Not really sure what the rationale was there, but that’s what I see. It’s certainly not an explosive scent.   ***

The Fragrance: The is one that is truly, deeply JUICY. There is no other word for it. Pear that makes you want to salivate all over the poor sales clerk’s shoes, tongue out. So powerful is the initial fruity bouquet that it all but masks the unobtrusive, floaty orchid, which emerges only after you’ve dived head-first into the pear bin at your local supermarket in a fit of pique. Bit awkward, that. All that said, it is hardly surprising that Jimmy Choo is known for his brilliant shoes and other accessories – for all its juicy glory, this fragrance lacks the stamina, originality and complexity to be a featured showpiece/stopper. As an accessory, it works, pleasing the nostrils without commanding too much attention. Pair with a bright clutch, and sky-high heels. ****