Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Tuberose, peony, neroli, jasmine, lily, benzoin, vanilla, amber musk.

The Bottle: Who doesn’t love a deliciously couture white plastic coffin? **

The Fragrance: No fragility here, friends. A tuberose bullet between the eyes, this is really a garden tantrum for the ages. The white floral opening practically stamps its feet at you, an attention seeker from the word go. That said…. I rather like it. It’s bold and awful and everything I would expect from Madonna in a bottle, and yet in its awfulness there is also a kind of vindictive, glorious awesomeness. It will never be mistaken for anything else, with the possible exception of Robert Piguet’s Fracas. Even then, Truth or Dare is rougher edged and less well-blended, the harley-riding cousin of Piguet’s more sophisticated creation. The primary target audience of this fragrance is in their thirties and forties, as it’s not a scent most younger ladies could carry off with any confidence. Here are the only acceptable times to wear this fragrance:

1. When you are a high-powered female executive headed to a party/event/board meeting where you aim to crush some poor intern/your executive VP. This is NOT a man magnet, ladies.

2. When you are Madonna.

Spritz this one ONCE. A heavy hand here will result in migraines for all, and anaphylaxis for most. ***