Category: Floral fruity

Notes: Ginger, lemon, chamomile, yellow freesia, rose, lily, carnation, white violet, lotus,  patchouli, oakmoss, white musk, a blend of exotic woods.

The Bottle: This was clearly dreamed up by someone highly boring in about ten seconds – it would probably depress me deeply to know how much they were paid for it. Really? For a fragrance called “Romance”, you want a clear, unadorned bottle with a boxy shape, and zero personality? Even ugly would be better than boring.  *

The Fragrance: A powerful floral with ginger spice edges, Romance comes out swinging, but quickly backs up. Like a doomed summer fling, hot and heavy quickly cools, giving way to a musky, drowsily sensual scent. Although classified as a floral fruity, the lemon here is exceedingly muted, and there is (Thank the Good Lord) no hint of the carnation that is apparently blended in there somewhere. I hesitate to say it, because I know it’s impossible, but Romance’s drydown has an almost… hormonal quality to it – not beautiful, but dusky and fascinating beyond what I am able to explain. Do I love it? Truthfully no, but I find it strangely alluring all the same. ***