Category: Oriental Spicy

Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin orange, lily of the valley, myrrh, opoponax, jasmine, carnation, patchouli, amber, vanilla.

The Bottle: A composition perhaps best described as solid yet toned – clean lines that could almost be called masculine. An earthy, glowing effect with the glass that I would simply adore if it were any other color. ****

The Fragrance: The carnation hurled itself at me, earning itself an immediate thumbs down. Opium grew on me a little as it unleashed a smokier, smoldering quality a moment or two later, but the oppressive floral presence lingered. The heavy myrrh clings to all nearby surfaces and permeates the very air long after it’s sprayed. It may actually still be clinging stubbornly to my hair as I write this. The trouble is that Opium very much dates itself, a bit like strutting around in a cravat, or toting your boom box on your shoulder. Nothing wrong with it, but perhaps best done behind closed doors. **