Category: Floral

Notes: Lemon, mint, jasmine, peony, pink pepper, sugar, labdanum, cedar.

The Bottle: A lovely natural simplicity of design, not over-ornamented. Although I have a great weakness for some other more ornate flacon creations, the simple mingling of coloured and clear glass in this piece is distinctly eye catching. Everything about this nd.8442bottle’s appearance evokes the image of cool water. A certain metallic reflective quality also means that it doubles as a mirror for the hopelessly vain (read: me). ****

The Scent: A charming floral with a predictably aquatic and ethereal quality in the dry down. Refreshing and minty, it’s a bit like floating on your back in a lake at night, and having a warm floral breeze blow across your face. Of course, for those of you in whom that comparison may induce nausea or snorts of derision, Acqua di Gioia might also be likened to bathing in a lemon finger-bowl into which someone has just up-ended a particularly minty mojito. Only your sense of romance can determine which description rings true. ***