Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Rosewood, sandalwood, aldehydes, peony, mandarin orange, amber, vanilla, nd.221benzoin, rose, ylang-ylang, lily, wallflower, patchouli, musk, bergamot.

The Bottle: Stout and pudgy, it is one of those early nineties fireplug-shaped things that I hate so very, very much. One extra star for the warm quality that radiates from the amber glass.  **

The Scent: So woody, you could almost nail it to the wall, my loves. A musky, almost masculine quality exists as well, but it frames the scent in a delicious, shivery sort of way. A little exotic, a lot sensual, and softly earthy. The fragrance I most closely associate it with is the Arizona desert after rain, something you should all try to experience before you have sniffed and spritzed your last. ****