Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: orange blossom, anise, ginger, rose, pear, mandarin orange, plum, orchid, iris, vanilla, ylang-ylang, amber, musk.

The Bottle: Now, you all know this bottle is just about the best thing to ever happen to me. Had a purse like this in tenth grade, and it was my absolute favorite thing. Shapely, just lacy and fussy enough, and about ten and half steps past divine. Adore. *****Image

The Scent: There’s a warm, lightly spicy sensuality here that is in no way cheapened by the sickly sweet many designers feel the need to pair with their more daring elements. Ginger is downplayed but perceptible, and lightly masked by delicate plum and orange blossom. The anise rounds out the experience by striking just the right saucy note in duet with an almost virginal orchid. Teases the nose like a well brought-up lady in the process of forgetting her manners. *****