Category: Oriental Woody

Notes: Casablanca lily, gardenia, mandarin, jasmine, incense, white pepper, peach, tobacco, patchouli, amber, sandalwood.

ImageBottle: I. Love. This. Talk dirty to me, soft blue glass and gold and ostentatious red wick. You minx. Sexy, solid construction, with a touch of mystique and a cartload of panache. *****

The Fragrance: Never was there a flanker so fabulous, my Darlings. Unlike its shouty predecessor, Belle d’Opium features a much more muted incense note, and plays its sexiness close to the chest. Sweet simplistic peach and gardenia barely peep out from behind the bolder pepper and tobacco, creating a delicious spicy sweet aura that glows softly on the skin. The heartbreak? The magic doesn’t last. In fact, it’s distressingly brief, like sending Cinderella to the ball at quarter to nine, and kicking her out half an hour later. Instead of leaving a glass slipper, the scent quietly simplifies and slips away, with only a faint powdery wood to indicate it was ever there at all. A terrible tease. ****